How it all started

THIS is the real story. Don't believe anything else you may hear. [More]

"IE6 Compatible"

If you hear these words from your client, you're in a VERY dangerous path.

Episode 6: The devil is in the details

The client may have a thousand reasons to call a meeting with you, but when Zach receives such a request it's usually out of the range of possible logical reasons - by far. Especially when it's taking place at a slow, bureaucratic organization which assigns one developer per application database table. [More]

Cultural Differences

A variation of the Triple Constraint rule that's closer to what a developer actually experiences. [More]

A Project Manager's Deepest Thoughts

What do project managers think? Do they perceive things like normal people do? Are they aware of the difficulties of the projects they manage? We delved into their minds and grabbed some of their deepest thoughts. Be prepared. [More]


Three Tons Of Code is a blog with humorous fiction stories for software developers and people who work in IT in general. It has been noticed that some project managers will not like the blog's content so you'd better not stand next to them when they start throwing things at the computer screen.

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