Episode 6: The devil is in the details

The client may have a thousand reasons to call a meeting with you, but when Zach receives such a request it's usually out of the range of possible logical reasons - by far. Especially when it's taking place at a slow, bureaucratic organization which assigns one developer per application database table. [More]

Episode 5: The magic of simplicity

How do you deal with software that gives totally incomprehensible messages? Moreover, how do you react when the chief developer of the company making the software considers the messages to be perfectly normal? Zach is going to have a really, really bad day. [More]

Episode 4: Early in the morning

Zach has a talk with his boss, Mr. BigPromisey FatMoney and things go better than he could ever imagine. Isn't this strange? [More]

Episode 3: Client-Oriented Approach

Zach gets an angry call from a client who cannot describe what's wrong with his application. But he is angry. And nothing works. And it's not his fault. And Zach becomes an alcoholic. [More]

Episode 2: Ree-phact-o-ring

You don't want to mess with other people's code. Especially when "other people" means the chief developer of your company.What can Zach WontDoIt do with 89333 lines of badly written VB code without quitting, insulting the chief developer or starting to drink like there's no tomorrow? [More]


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