Really good developers...

...are not supposed to get married, have kids, or even talk to others. Ever. [More]

Never describe your profession in detail

Especially if you are a developer. Nobody can handle the truth about what you do. Nobody. [More]

Never underestimate the power of a smile

Especially if it's coming from the wrong person. [More]


Three Tons Of Code is a blog with humorous fiction stories for software developers and people who work in IT in general. It has been noticed that some project managers will not like the blog's content so you'd better not stand next to them when they start throwing things at the computer screen.

See the "Webz" version for images and fun stuff from around the Internet:

Psst! If you are a Project Manager (what are you doing here?) just give this a try. If you are a developer, though, give this to your Project Manager to play and enjoy weeks of undisturbed work :)